«Modi, Modi» Chants, Handshakes: How Indians Greeted PM In Austria

PM Modi received a warm welcome as he addressed the Indian community in Austria’s Vienna following his visit to Russia to meet President Vladimir Putin. PM Modi arrived in Vienna after receiving an invite from Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

During the visit, PM Modi shook hands with the Indian community members and waved to the crowd, clearly moved by their reception.

«For thousands of years, we have been sharing our knowledge and expertise. We didn’t give ‘Yuddha’ (war), we gave the world ‘Buddha’. India always gave peace and prosperity, and therefore India is going to strengthen its role in the 21st century,» PM Modi said in Austria.

«India and Austria are geographically on two different ends, but we have many similarities. Democracy connects both countries. Our shared values are liberty, equality, pluralism, and respect for the rule of law. Our societies are multicultural and multilingual. Both countries celebrate diversity, and a big medium to reflect these values are elections,» PM Modi further said as the crowd chanted «Modi, Modi» enthusiastically.